Friday, May 18, 2007

Hemophilias and the Age of the Maternal Grandfather at the carrier Mother Birth

Haemophilia. 2003 Nov;9(6):717-20. Links
Germ-line origin of intron 1 inversion in two haemophilia A families.Acquila M, Pasino M, Santoro C, Lanza T, Molinari AC, Bottini F, Bicocchi MP.
Haemostasis and Haemophilia Laboratory, IV Paediatric Department, G Gaslini Institute, Genova, Italy.

Factor VIII gene inversion of intron 1 has recently been reported to be the mutation responsible for haemophilia A in about 5% of severe cases. In our series of patients, which is made up of 77 Italian cases negative for intron 22 inversion, the mutation was found in three sporadic and in one familial patients, with an overall frequency of 5.2%. The carrier status of the patients' female relatives was assessed by mutation analysis and showed that only two-thirds of cases could be considered truly sporadic. The germ-line origin of the mutation was investigated in the two sporadic families by haplotype analysis on genomic DNA of the patients' maternal grandparents. These studies indicated that both mutation events had occurred in the germ cell lines of the patients' healthy grandfather, suggesting that, as already demonstrated for the inversion of intron 22, the male germ cell line is more susceptible to the intrachromosome recombination which leads to the inversion of intron 1.

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